'A girl from far away' was the second song I wrote back in my early 20's. I have no idea where the inspiration came from. I must have been in a silly, careless mood because it's always struck me as a rather silly song. But it was my dad's favourite. He always liked the line "... you could smell him on the breeze."

Capo 5

A                     E                 D                E
As soon as I was old enough, I ran away to sea.
         A              E                      D                      E
My captain was a pirate you could smell him on the breeze.
        A                   E               D                        E
We set our sail for bounty at the ocean’s beck an’ call.
         A                  D                       E                  A          
We raided ships for treasure and made rich men of us all.

And when I played a gentleman, I walked with style and grace.
I’d sit and tell the ladies about the scar upon my face.
And when they were all listening, without a sound nor sign
I’d dip my hand in their purses and take what I could find.

             A            D                    E
I had a grand time countin’ all me wealth.
         A              D                   E
Every last dime I kept it for me’ self.
           A               D               E
Then I gave up the life I’d led astray
         A                     D       E                A
‘Cos I fell in love with a girl, a girl from far away.

And when I was a married man, happy as I could be.
I’d work all day at dockside loading ships upon the quay.
And when my work was finished, as the day was growing dark,
I’d love the girl I married in the warmth beside our hearth.

And now I am a widower, the lord of all I see.
The waves beneath, the sky above, my crew, my ship, and me.
I cherish all the good times - the girl I loved my wife.
But I’m better killing midshipmen, the gold, the hate, my life.