A tune I came up with many years ago fitted to words that are relevant to me now. I got the idea for the lyric when someone told me about 'imposter syndrome'.

Capo 4

A                                    Asus4 
He hopes she doesn’t see
        A                                          A7sus4                 
The doubt in his eyes as she pours his tea
        A                                        A7sus4                            
The kids dress for school, he looks at his watch and
        A                                 A7sus4    
Wonders how long it’ll be.
Before, she reads the signs
Do I deserve what is mine?
He knows he can’t be, the husband she needs
It’s only a question of time.
D                                                     E
God only knows all I wanna be told
        A                                              F#m
Is how to feel warm when my body is cold
D                                             E
All I can see through the branches and trees
      D                                   E                    
Is deep down inside I’m down on my knees
He smiles, folds his arms
Tries to look thoughtful and calm
Says something trite, nods all around
Smooths out his tie with his palm.
He stares, at his shoes
Feeling like yesterday’s news
A liar at home, imposter at work
When will they see through this ruse?