'Long time, no see' is about meeting an old friend after many years of being out of touch. Can such friendships begin again now that we are grown-ups, or do they rely on reminiscing about the old times?

Capo 2
       D                       D                     C                             G

I’m well thanks for asking, and yourself, how’ve you been?
        D                   D                                C              G
Ten years, can’t believe it, don’t know where to begin.
        D                          D                         C                G
Two boys, you should see them and a third on the way.
        D                       D                     C             G             D
They’ll soon be a handful, like we were in our day, in our day…

                            C                        G                           D
So long time, no see, you’re no different, the past seems so near.
                            C                        G                         D
It stayed here with me, now it takes me back to all those years.

It feels strange to be sat here in the old Rose and Crown
Where once we were locals and a pint cost a pound.
I’m glad that you called me ‘cos it’s been far too long.
I know you’d your reasons and I know I was wrong, I was wrong…

Dm                             Am                             G                                    Dm
Now we both understand that the shake of a hand takes two
F               F                   D                 D
It’s a promise that always holds true…

Old friend, will I know you? Can it still be the same?
If we wear the faces of the men we became, we became…